Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers have extensive experience across a diverse spectrum of industries.

Whether you’re an individual, start-up, or small, medium or large-sized enterprises, we offer a broad scope of practical legal solutions.

Business Structures

We'll ensure the appropriate structure is created: partnership, joint venture, company, trust or franchise.
Advice available for business restructuring and partnership dissolutions.

Business Contracts

Preparation or review of all types of legal contracts including: purchase or sale of business, put and call options, franchise agreements, supply agreements, service agreements, distribution agreements, partnership agreements, commercial contracts.
We ensure the contract terms and conditions are suitable for your business now and into the future, and that they meet all statutory requirements.

Commercial Disputes & Litigation

Our services cover a diverse range of issues including: breach of contract, building and property disputes, debt recovery, copyright infringement, partnership disputes, and corporations law.

Corporations Law

We can help you with shareholders agreements; advice on corporate governance; and documenting company administrations.


We review the franchise agreement and franchisor disclosure documents so that you’re aware of all your obligations and the issues necessary for a successful business.

Property and Leasing

Whether landlord or tenant, we can help you with retail, industrial, and commercial leasing. We can also help with the sale or purchase of commercial property.

Small Business Legal Advice

Legal guidance in a wide range of matters including: business law, consumer law, and competition law. We can also assist you with: terms and conditions of trade, preparation or review of documents, contracts, vendor finance and mortgages, and deeds of settlement.

Workplace & Employment

We review employment contracts and workplace agreements, plus assist with disputes and unfair dismissals.

Debt Recovery

If you’re owed money, we can help you recover it: from an initial Letter of Demand through to drafting Court Documents, Court Judgment, and Enforcement Processes.


We draft and review mortgages, guarantees, charges, and other securities documentation.

Business Succession & Asset Protection

Succession planning including sale or winding up of the business.
To keep your assets safe we work with your business and family to devise a strategy using: Unit, Discretionary, or Family Trusts - plus review of Wills or Powers of Attorney.

We will protect your rights, limit your liabilities, and enable you to quickly respond to opportunities

Business & Commercial Law
Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers assist clients with business and commercial legal matters and disputes; in Adelaide, regional South Australia, and beyond.

An integral part of our practice is to help you with the early identification of business risks and help you solve problems you may typically encounter in a variety of commercial situations.

Our focus is to empower you with the knowledge you need to build a financially sustainable operation while encountering as few legal issues as possible.

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