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COVID 19 is feared by most …… fear of getting sick, fear of death, fear of income and business loss.

But rather than seeing fear what if we saw opportunity.

I’m my profession where often relentless hours, stress and tiredness are the norm its almost that a choice needs to be made between being a lawyer and having a family. That is a choice that shouldn’t have to be made and a choice many no longer want to make. We are not a profession that is alone in this choice.

So I believe COVID 19 has come at a terrific time. With many professional women wanting to work part time after having children or younger professionals wanting more than just to work, COVID 19 has made many, including our profession, sit up, adapt quickly and embrace a wonderful future for us all and those that are coming after us.

Right now working from home, isolation and lots of family time are our new normal, and probably will be for sometime, but it’s a time for us to innovate and provide services in different ways. So whilst for me it has allowed insight for my daughter to see what I do, understand a little bit more about why I do it and allowed her to see first hand the importance of working hard and that it is important, it has also allowed more balance for me between the two loves in my life, law and my family.

Refreshingly I have had online calls with clients interrupted by their children, either on the screen or banging on the door to the room they are in asking why the doors locked as they want to get in, and it really has showed that the balance of work and a quality of life that so many of us have had to make a choice about no longer has to happen. I am proud at the speed at which our profession and the Courts have adapted to the current situation so that access to justice can continue to be provided through these difficult and unexpected times.  I have also seen fast adaptations in restaurants offering takeaway or heat and reserve, pharmacies delivering prescriptions and so much more.  Our community is innovating at a speed it has never done, or had to do, before.

Maybe we can’t have it all but our new norm that has slowed us down just a little, made us innovate and do things differently and it might just see us all come out of this more resilient, grounded with so many opportunities infront of us that had COVID 19 not occurred we would not have taken the time to see them.

So for the path of opportunity that lays ahead in front of each of us…. whilst there will still be some fear, lets try to use this time to embrace the opportunity with open arms and enjoy all aspects of what this situation has provided us with and what it will do to shape all of our futures then we might all come out of this a little different and with more opportunities ahead of us.

Whilst appreciating all the things we can’t currently do will be at the top of everyone’s list, remember the connection (in so many different ways) that this time has provided us all. This time will not only be historic but memorable and life changing for us all.

Will, and can you, use COVID19 to your advantage?

This Blog was written by Natasha Hemmerling, Partner at Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers.

This blog post does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. It is a general commentary on matters that may be of interest to you.  Formal legal or other professional advice should be sought before acting or relying on any matter arising from this communication.