If you’re going through a divorce or separation, need a pre-nuptial agreement, or have concerns about child custody issues, Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers can provide you with expert advice and assistance so that you and your family’s legal interests are protected.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you, and are committed to resolving matters or settling disputes efficiently, affordably, and where possible – outside of court.

However, if a dispute does go to court, you can be guaranteed you’ll receive dedicated and fierce representation.

Our team will help you gain control and navigate your way through this challenging time by providing you with realistic advice and legal expertise.

Moreover, we understand how difficult a family or relationship breakdown can be, and we treat you with the empathy and respect you deserve. We cater for your individual situation and are available for home visits and out of hours contact.

Divorce & Separation

Dedicated and caring family lawyers for your separation of a de facto relationship or marriage.

Child Support & Agreements

Advice on your legal obligations, and help to formalise a legally binding child support agreement.


Experienced in all aspects of financial matters and property division for separating couple.

Binding Financial Agreements

A formal agreement relating to issues such as property settlement or financial support, in the event of a relationship breakdown.

De facto Relations

We advise you on what constitutes a de facto relationship in the eyes of the law and your rights with respect to property, maintenance and children.

Family Violence & Intervention Orders

We have the experience to assist family members and their children escape domestic violence, and as the defence lawyers for intervention order charges.


Trusted same sex lawyers for marriage, divorce, immigration and prenuptial agreement needs.

Child Custody Arrangements

Specialists who understand the complexities of parenting arrangements and child custody issues.

We will protect your rights, limit your liabilities, and enable you to quickly respond to opportunities

Family Law
Clarke Hemmerling lawyers are specialists in family law, including:
  • Asset protection
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Children:
    • Adoption
    • Child Custody Disputes
    • Child support and enforcement of payments
    • Guardianship of children and children’s issues
    • Parenting plans for child custody and visitation
    • Paternity/parentage issues
  • De facto relationships
  • Divorce and nullity proceedings
  • Domestic and family violence and Intervention Orders
  • Family mediation
  • Healthcare
  • Pre-nuptial and other financial agreements
  • Property and financial settlements
  • Same-sex relationships
  • Separation agreements & issues
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Superannuation
  • Third parties
  • Wills & Estates

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