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We know this is an uncertain time and that businesses need to remain agile to respond to these unprecedented circumstances.

As the government and community efforts continue to change rapidly in the wake of COVD-19 (Coronavirus) and its escalation, we wanted to provide an update to our valued clients and business partners.

We want to reassure you that here at Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers, we have taken action to ensure that you, your family and our staff are safe at all times whilst we do our part to slow the community spread of the virus. In doing this , we want you to know that our high level of service and legal advice that you expect, and are used to,  have been safeguarded and won’t be compromised.

Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers was already equipped with all the latest technologies for communications and file storage and we maintain electronic files that allow our staff to work from any location.  Our digital office has always meant that we can act quickly and from a variety of locations which has been critical for us to continue seamlessly now with the rapid changes that are upon us all.

So whilst this is a trying time for so many we want you to know that we are there for you to provide legal advice and assistance through what is a challenging time for so many businesses as well as individuals.

As a precautionary measure and to minimise the risk of exposure to you and our staff, Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers has implemented the following measures:

  • Some of our staff are now working remotely to practise “social distancing”.  Whilst they are not in the office they are equipped with the technology to work from anywhere meaning there is no disruption to us assisting you;
  • In light of the “social distancing” recommendations we are not engaging in handshakes, hugs etc . Please don’t take this personally or as a sign of a lack of professionalism on our part rather is a requirement for our office at the moment;
  • All meetings will, where possible, be by telephone or video link.  This will assist limit interactions for those staff that are still working in our office.  We have a number of technologies available to us including skype, zoom, facetime etc so we will work with you to determine which platform suits you best for these meetings;
  • In those critical cases where a face to face meeting is necessary we now have procedure in place to protect you and our staff.   This procedure includes:
    • Not meeting if you:
      • Have any flu like symptoms;
      • Live with someone or have interacted with someone that has returned from overseas in the last 14 days;
      • If you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days;
      • If you have returned, or come from interstate, in the last 14 days;
      • If you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19;

You will be asked before meeting with us to confirm that none of the above apply to you.  If they do, we will still be able to meet however it will have to take place in an online forum.

    • Upon your arrival and before leaving our office we will ask you to use hand sanitiser;
  • We have stricter cleaning and sterilisation in place for our offices meaning that all meeting rooms and common areas will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly;
  • All staff at our office are requested to ensure appropriate hygiene and to wash their hands regularly as well as using hand sanitiser;
  • All staff at our offices, and where a face to face meeting is required you, are required to continue to maintain social distancing of at least 1.5 metres; and
  • All interstate and overseas travel for our firm is on hold until further notice.

Please note that all Court matters will continue and the Courts have put in place their own protocol and procedures which they are constantly updating which all our staff will follow.

So for us its business as usual… with a few small tweaks!!

Your safety and that of our staff is our priority.  So please rest assured that our level of service will continue to be exceptional as it always has been, its just how some of our services are delivered to you will now be done in an adapted format.  Whilst this is so it will be with as little interruption as possible to you.

If the government implements stricter lockdown measures for business in SA you will still be able to contact us on the same number and then we will ensure you are directed, or called back, by a solicitor to assist in your required legal enquiry/matter.

If you have any questions please contact Natasha Hemmerling, Partner, on (08) 8333 2130.

Regards Natasha Hemmerling and Darryl Clarke, Partners, Clarke Hemmerling Lawyers

This blog post does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. It is a general commentary on matters that may be of interest to you.  Formal legal or other professional advice should be sought before acting or relying on any matter arising from this communication.